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Oh, My Aching Bones: It Is Time to Examine Your Posture

If you find that you are suffering from neck soreness and tightness, shoulder pain, headaches, or even migraines, you may need to examine your posture. Researchers have found a definite link between poor posture and headache frequency. Poor posture can lead to muscle tension and spasms. Because your head can weigh up to ten pounds, any imbalance found on top of your neck and shoulders will lead to spinal and muscular tension, resulting in muscle tightness. This pain is then referred to the back of your head. Research into the causes of migraines have shown a connection between neck pain and these types of headaches as well. Doctors believe that irritation in the neck and upper shoulder area can trigger migraines.

Many people are genetically and structurally predisposed to migraines. However, if you find that you are having headaches at the end of the day, you may need to evaluate your posture. In clinical trials, people who did posture and strengthening exercises reduced the frequency of their headaches. It only takes a few simple steps to improve your posture. Start by "checking-in" to evaluate your posture several times a day. If you find you are slumping or slouching, focus on aligning and lengthening your spine. When walking, try to maintain a tall posture, stretching your spine up through your back, shoulders, and neck. Try imagining a string at the top of your head that you can pull up to balance your head over your shoulders and to straighten your spine.

When at work, sit tall without hunching over. Regular breaks away from your computer will help you release stored tension. Incorporate some simple stretching routines into your day. For example, you may try stretching your neck by tilting your head from side to side and then forward and backward. To stretch your shoulders, pull them towards your ears, and then drop them down in a relaxed position, repeating this several times. By improving your posture and using some concentrated relaxation techniques, you can reduce the chance that you will leave work with a stiff neck, tight shoulders, or an aching head.

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