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Help Your Child Enjoy More Nutritious Meals with These 3 Tips

No matter how hard you may try to get your kids to eat healthier, sometimes it can seem like a constant, uphill battle. Between the children who hate all vegetables to the children who prefer fast food kids meals, it can be difficult to feed your children or younger family members a balanced, healthy diet. Yet, it can be done, if you give these 3 expert-suggested tips a try.

Give kids some say.

Want to get your kid excited about trying new fruits and vegetables? Give them more of a say in the meal planning aspect of things. Children enjoy having the power to choose, even at a young age. Speak to these needs and encourage them to take part in your family’s healthy diet by inviting them to join you in cooking, grocery shopping, or planning your nightly menu.

Build upon familiar foods.

Sure, your child might not immediately love the idea of eating a cauliflower-crusted pizza – but, would they spring for their favorite pizza, prepared on a different type of crust? Building upon foods your little ones already love and look forward to eating can make it easier for parents to “hide” healthy foods within them. For example, instead of feeding your daughter apples and caramel sauce, try offering her apples and hummus or guacamole.

Avoid habitual snacking.

Just like snacking derails adult diets, too many snacks throughout the day can make it more difficult to get your children to eat better. That’s because constant snacking can result in a lack of appetite around dinnertime when kids should be enjoying a well-balanced meal. Be sure to commit to a snacking schedule, and when it’s not the time for a snack, consider “closing” the kitchen to prevent temptation.

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