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Listen to Your Body and Know the Scenarios That Warrant Skipping a Workout

Physical fitness is crucial to your health. Many experts recommend that you get at least four days of exercise per week. Yet, some days, it can be harder than others to get ourselves to the gym. In fact, in some circumstances, it’s advised that you skip your workout completely. Here are 4 scenarios when it’s advisable to skip going to the gym.

You have a fever.

Not only is working out while you have a fever uncomfortable, but it could also put other gym-goers at risk. Having a fever means that your body is fending off illness, in which case you should take it easy and allow your body the time it needs to recover. Putting your body under stress from a workout will only make it harder to kick. Plus, staying at home means that you won’t unknowingly spread whatever virus or other illness is causing your fever to other people at the gym.

You have an injury.

Much like a fever, a bodily injury requires that you give yourself the time and space to recover before returning to the gym. In some cases, your doctor will allow you to work out, as long as you focus on other areas of your body. However, it’s often best to play it safe and avoid a strenuous workout completely, since working out can sometimes cause you to tweak a muscle and make your injury worse. A good way to stay active while in recovery mode is to focus on mind-body training like yoga.

You were already active today.

Did you wake up with the sun and knock out a one-mile hike? Have plans to go swimming with your children later? If so, don’t feel unnecessary pressure to hit the gym. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to lift weights or run on a treadmill to build strength and endurance while bettering your general health. Remember, any movement is good movement, whether it’s happening inside or outside of your gym.

You just had surgery, a baby, or sustained a major injury.

Recovery is crucial following any major bodily event or injury, like surgery, childbirth, or sustaining a broken bone. When it comes to returning to your usual workout regimen, only you will know when you’re truly ready to get back into the swing of things – regardless of whether you’ve been cleared by your doctor. If you aren’t feeling up to working out, listen to your body, and don’t rush your recovery period. You can always come back to training later.

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